In the distance, a rusty sledge hammer falls in unison

with the incessant pounding of my skull

penetrating my brain like a criminal

wearing my thoughts just like a glove


I am still conscious

although weary

as I catch a fleeting glimpse

of the sinking tangerine sun


And your voice…so close and velvet in echo

is the only thing that keeps me from coming undone






Leave a Trail

May your kind heart be filled with joy;

your brilliant mind, sound and at ease.

Let your soul soar without frantic words;

and guide your spirit to an elegant peek.

Don’t cower in the unholy darkness;

or let that golden light within, flicker out

and fade away…

Believe in yourself and run with your

wildest dreams; touching every single

person you meet, along the way.

Leave a trail…of hope, love and


©Copyright 2014 Cheri Celeste Pennell Leave a Trail edit of “A Happy Heart”


Rich Renegades of Faith


Lagging behind

in the wheels

of a tangerine sun

Drowning out all


in a pool of violet

blue awkwardness

Wild wretched renegades

in the rich tangled silver mesh

of aftermath and seclusion

plunge into a

red distended soul

while tapering out

all of the yellowed rot

to replace

limitless warm smiles

all immeasurable lost

resources of sin.


woman and moon fish

The Inferno of Forgiveness, Waits


Falling headlong

down into the

dark tunneled abyss

of some ancient deserted

rabbit hole

Winding further down

into the depths

of somewhat unknown notions

and leaps at prosperous faith

Toes ascending

end up over end

Forward and back

sliding into the midnight azure

Puffed up full of

tiny bright pin holes

pointing out into the multitudes

of the heavens

So gracious

So full of wrath

So silently draped and

covered in fear


Somersaulting like riptide waves

down they come

crashing rolls of soft

infinite reconciliation


Succumbing to the inertia

of green disbelief

that this is not some unseen or

forlorn desolate place

It is only too familiar

The rigid reoccurring reminiscence

of a numb and gangly

dull gray pit fall

that seems to ooze and to forget

but never travels


Out of area

Past the sullen but intense

Inferno of forgiveness…

Those Who Dare


Good and evil

endlessly waging over time-

Smell of rotting flesh

rising in the murky sublime-

The tear and crackle of sinew and bone

healing the reign of hurt-

Reaching up through shallow graves

disturbing hallowed dirt-

Taste of powerless possession

Riling up through the air-

At the sight of a mortal’s confession

Is the Devil seeking out those who dare.