The Facets of Unconditional Love

She had her back turned to him. Locked in silence, just like all of the fiery emotions she had tried to deny for so long. She stood perfectly still, looking out through a tinted high-rise window. Her gaze swept across a crystal clear blue ocean. With a scowl she turned and suddenly changed her demeanor to a sullen empty sadness saying, “Will you hold me. Just take me into your arms. Hold me and pretend; if only for a moment, that you truly love me. The way a man can love a woman.” His eyes clouded over and he moved swiftly to her. He engulfed her bounty of grace, letting her tears run muffled into his chest. He held her. He held her tight, unlike any woman he had ever held or known before. He held her so close that their hearts could have beat as one. He did not ever want to let her go. He stroked her silky mahogany hair, as he choked back his own tears and whispered hoarsely, “I don’t have to pretend….”