In my soul

Just as dim hope faded

and mankind lost it’s splendor

I met a kindred spirit

who reminded me

of who I am

without having a clue

as to who I was

or where I have been

His beauty radiates

from within

and shines platinum

like the brightest

brilliant star

He makes my heart stop

and brings me back to life

he induces real smiles and laughter

and puts that sparkle back into

my opaque eyes

he takes my hand

I give him my heart

no ulterior motives

to come in between

true love

and the reality of fate

of creation or creativity

he is beauty incarnate

and divine inspiration

he honors my name

by calling me friend


No Boundaries


A single beam

cuts through the clouds

and accents two braids

of copper thread

brushing smooth skin

thighs brown in the sun

sweetest nectar, pouting lips

a glossed honey bed

eyes shine sharp

with centers of thick

mesquite amber

that are wise

beyond her years

Honesty knows

no boundaries

and is greatly appreciated

in a good man

and in a true friend

In Tune

Exquisite beauty that shines wild

on the borderline of tranquility


takes my breath away


like the first ancient knots

of a kiss


like the ache

of an old soul that stirs


cracking a hardened heart

wide open


allowing it to flow

in tune…


with absolute timeless love.


Will I…

Will I ever share an honest  kiss?

Not one of heated lust

but of real promise and love

with follow through

One that make me feel right

that doesn’t make me

jump right out of my skin

when the alarms sound


Will I ever gaze into the eyes of your soul

or have to settle in

and be directed to the next dead zone


Will I ever walk hand in hand

with destiny

not having to dread

being alone

forever having someone

to see and understand…

Truly understand


Unbroken Stance


An enchanted freeze-frame

photo-finish of witchery

The possession builds up

like a funeral pyre

soundly inside of me

The depths of my dreamscape are at an

Unbroken stance

still continuing to lead me

away from the nightmare

Waking numbly and blindly


Climbing the erosive

trail to fulfillment

Universal knowledge

raining back down

on my parade of


of nothing even resembling advancement

Peeking through

my welled up eyes

are baby doll tears

Grounded in reality until

I feel my rage come forth

Like a fresh lit torch

So that even I stop cursing

all of my blessings

and  I open up

don’t hold back

What beautiful

skeletons and flowers

I have unfolding and

branching out within

my true nature

My hard shell

is cracking but

my fresh and new pink skin is

strong like soft leather

It molds to me

and I wear

it well…

Diabolic Invocation

You supersede all expectations

of what I thought a man is supposed to be

I find myself vacating the conscious realm

quickly slipping away

back into the depths of my vacant stare

You are sequestering my true beauty

bundling it up like kindling

sparking my imagination

until it bursts into flame

It’s hard to believe that what I feel is real

so I damnify all pure

intentions almost instantaneously

deny sensitivity

understanding and grace

because it seems

just too good to be true

Your surmountable energy

drives and fills me

full of courage and ambition

This is not some accidental calamity or

another set up for failure

it is a poetic adaptation of infinite love and understanding

It is a diabolic invocation

that aviates me to new levels of being

and far away from trepidation

and my fear permanently starts to wane away

We are aesthetic virulence

and will be allowed to proceed

head on into the proximity

of this caustic world…and we will devour it

It is the pungent phenomenon

of completion, accomplishment

and imagination that

rallies reproductive brilliance…

I find in you, everything my heart has been aching for…