Woman (or Man) of God Confession

I am a woman/man whose purpose is to glorify God; therefore I choose to manage all of my affairs with honesty and integrity.

Because honesty and integrity pleases God, It positions me for God’s best in life.

I am a woman/man of vision and faith; therefore, I boldly pursue God’s best without compromise.

When the Spirit of God convicts me of my faults and shortcomings, I choose to submit to the Word and overcome every challenge by faith and prayer.


I will live my life so that others may know the faithfulness of God through my lifestyle.

I choose to act responsibly in all situations.

I owe it to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who saved me and instructs me in righteousness.

I owe it to my generation who needs my example.

I owe it to myself, because I am a woman/man.


15 Freedom Truths

God knows my heart. There are always two truths. What man, the world or circumstances say or what God says. Choose to believe God because any and all circumstances within this world are temporary. When you begin to see yourself from God’s perspective, the opinions and judgments of others won’t offend you. You are who God says you are…a precious child made with gifts, talents and the ability to give to others out of love. We were created for his divine purpose and will. He gives us all a mind and choices to make everyday. He gives us curiosity and an inquisitive heart. We have the right to ask questions when we want to know the truth or feel uncomfortable in a situation. That is not control or jealousy. It is asking for honesty and to reveal what is hidden or not clear, for peace of mind.


15 Freedom Truths


I am a New Creature, predestined for greatness


I am a Child of God, fully accepted by the Father


I am loved by God regardless of how I perform


I am forgiven and will not be tormented by my past errors


I am an over comer and faith is changing my circumstances


I am a giver and God is causing people to help me prosper


I have authority over the devil and no demon power can hurt me


Abundance is God’s will for me and I will not settle for less


I am healed and sickness will not lord over my body


God is on my side; I will not fear


The Holy Spirit is my helper, I’m never alone, and I have the peace of God


I am blessed and it is just a matter of time before things change. What I see now is only temporary


I have the wisdom of God; I hear the Father’s voice; my steps are ordered by God and the voice of a stranger I will not follow


I am set in the body of Christ and I know that I am valuable and important to the work of God


I choose not to be offended. I am being delivered out of all afflictions and persecutions

40 I am’s

I Am


A child of God

Redeemed from the hand of the enemy


Saved by grace through faith



A new creature

Partaker of His Divine Nature

Redeemed from the curse of the law

Delivered from the powers of darkness

Led by the Spirit of God

A Son/Daughter of God

Kept in safety wherever I go

Getting all my needs met by Jesus Christ

Casting all my cares on Jesus Christ

Strong in the Lord and in the power of his might

Doing all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me


An heir of God and a joint heir with Jesus Christ

An heir to the blessing of Abraham

Observing and keeping the Lord’s Commandments

Blessed coming in and blessed going out

An heir of eternal life

Blessed with all Spiritual blessing

Healed by His stripes

Exercising my authority over the enemy

Above only and not beneath

More than a Conqueror

Establishing God’s word here on earth

An over comer by the blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony

Daily overcoming the devil

Not moved by what I see

Walking by faith and not by sight

Casting down all vain imaginations

Bringing every thought into captivity

Being transformed by renewing my mind

A laborer together with God

The righteousness of God in Christ

An imitator of Jesus

The light of the world

Blessing the Lord at all times and continually praising him with my mouth

Leave a Trail

May your kind heart be filled with joy;

your brilliant mind, sound and at ease.

Let your soul soar without frantic words;

and guide your spirit to an elegant peek.

Don’t cower in the unholy darkness;

or let that golden light within, flicker out

and fade away…

Believe in yourself and run with your

wildest dreams; touching every single

person you meet, along the way.

Leave a trail…of hope, love and


©Copyright 2014 Cheri Celeste Pennell Leave a Trail edit of “A Happy Heart”