Too Far Gone

I witnessed my own magenta metamorphosis

Conscious of the stabbing fast-forwarding change

Never deviating from my own natural instinct

As I spiraled down, lost and deranged


I held on to splintered crutches, for band-aids

Continued bad habits, dragging cut-throat suicide

Still I felt worthy in all honor and glory

As I tightened the tourniquets that twisted my mind


I numbed down all forms of expression

Let my anger build and shame take it’s toll

Setting myself up for temptation, deconstruction

As I settled, digging deeper down in a razor filled hole


I wallowed screaming into the unknown darkness

Crimson bubbles arose in my throat

Cutting off shrill screams in succession

As I swallowed fresh blood and I choked


I drowned in unrealistic fantasy and sickening obsession

Let the devil crawl up and slip into broken, split-open skin

He ripped out my backbone, then tore my heart out

As I punished and whipped the bleeding soul held within


I listened to the lies he did whisper

Counting my blessings no longer, especially in vain

Giving up hope and all freedoms

As I suffered my sins and took all the blame


I survived the worst kind of horrors imaginable

Then realized that forgiveness, love and beauty remained

Learning how to deflect the charming, incarnate evil residing

Demons fled as I cleansed my spirit…and flew away from the light I sustained















The Chase

Perhaps it is the crimson lust

or adrenaline of the foot chase

It does not matter who you are

In death, I break your faith


Pounding head fills with the shrillest scream

brain refuses to see your desperate face

You beg and plead for mercy

and all I fancy, is just a taste


Run my baby, yes run, run away

run into these woods but you can’t hide

I have the drawn endurance of

a hundred Kings, a lion’s ravenous pride


I let your path weave into trees

I never seem to pick up my pace

Not long now, until you are mine

and will vanish without a trace


You see my cabin in the mist

the chimney smoke, it beckons and waves

Hope emerges and whips the fear

thinking you will somehow be saved


Check the doors, and windows barred

run to the back, just go check and see

there is no way in, the trap has been sprung

I’ve caught up to your silent melee


Back up from the blade

the fear festers my brain

you fall quickly

I spring the demise…

don’t make it so easy

as I go in for the kill

disappointed to end the surprise


It glistens, it gleams

melting up through torn flesh

It is the gore, not the instrument

bringing fascination and rest


Skin spits wide open

separates soft tissue from bone

as your life spreads out

warm scarlet across white snow…


bluing lips freezing, it’s timeless

with no echo

no struggle

no scream


just locked in a soft fading moan




Go tell it to the mountain

then shove it down

and out of the way


I feel a 1000 needles

stabbing into my brain


An immobilizing


short circuiting my veins


pumping in the serpent’s

venom that will surely

rot out my heart


I am digging deep

into my flesh

I am tearing myself


The White Bull


Falling from grace

Into another dimension

Frozen in fear

Far from home

Away from good intentions


The White Bull


Deafening and shrill

As it thundered towards my

Paralyzed body

Limp and still


Thrown onto a cliff

Sharp crystal shards

On the edge of

A boiling sea

Thick fog rolls away

As the bull races forward

Heading directly for me


Razored  hooves pounding the strange earth

Kicking up cyclones of shattered glass

Dusting my eyes

Blinding my physical sight

Yet showing everyone’s past


The infinite sin of all the world

The Devil’s playground


The bull’s eyes are blacker than

Midnight azure

Orbs of madness

Rolling in the abyss

Nostrils flare

Acid mucus drips

Past open mouth and

Swollen tongue

Melting diamonds made by

Cloven feet

It speaks….




Screams of terror fill my subconscious

Amplified and lost in foray

Parched throat

Cracked lips

Vision blurred

I am trapped

Destined to be a

Vulture’s prey


Charging forth

With all of it’s dark rage

I am ready to be trampled

Then all stood still

Instinct is blocked I feel… nothingness

As I knew he came in

For the kill


An incapacitating stench of death

Starts to fill my nostrils in the



Until the undead start to

Whisper my name

Swirling all around

Dancing into my blank mind

Echoes that surround

Putrid breath threatens to

Rot delicate flesh from my bones and

Drive me insane



Tendrils of Black Magic

Lick at smooth untouched skin

A lashing of one thousand paper cuts

Slicing again and again







Thick serpent vines

Wind around my torso

Lapping up each precious drop

Of scarlet spilled

My life flashes before me

Flowing down a river

Waning away the strongest of will


Evil sucks at the last of my purest

Finest existence

Feeding from the

Essence of my beauty



I am helpless


Reaching out with my mind

One last time



My last thought

Light fading fast

A drop of hope

Sustains me


Veins collapsing

Vitals dwindling

Organs shrinking and

Skin shriveling


Tighter and tighter like

A dead flower


Carried away

In the wind like dust




In this netherworld of filthy wool

Lose my soul to

The hungry wrath




But my hope is alive

Deep down inside as

Another presence comes forth

In my honor



I am one with the bull of light

Hide as black as night

It runs down a mountain of

Absolute green delight

Comes forth from my mind

Holds my hand

Controls time








Horns light up

White magic

Eyes burn with pure blazing fire

Black tendrils slink back

Swarthing into the White Bull

It fears for retreat but the

Choices are dire



Good will always overcome evil



The Black Bull’s horns glow as it

Impaled the soul stealing fiend

Pale gored body thrown out

Across the stormy waves of reprieve



Onyx arms cradle me

As it stands there

Laughing above the sea…


The Baritone Lull

Staggering above

aquamarine seas

of pale sublime and

True Blue Love

Suffering the pure

essence of being

whole and supple

While defeating the

wide Incantations and

seen prophetic dreams

that swirl around

in the mix…

glinting in the sun like a

rain bowed serpent’s scale

Seething within the

freedom to jump out

open-armed and minded

Embracing knowledge

as it once was…

before it was taken away

Confidence and strength

manically destroyed

like the splitting of

an angel’s stray hair

Trying to block out everything traumatic

that was never revealed

to the public eye for scrutiny

The shock–

stuffed back by fear

Blame, humiliation and shame

helped to mechanically form survival skills

until my voice resurfaced

Opaque tarps full of

brown water and writhing worms

Slide away…

down the sewer sludge drain

while adulthood hovered

above timid growth and change

Resurfacing in

A revolution

Of tight knots

and tangled fear

That is no longer repulsed

by the baritone lull

that cradled all

Inferior tears…


Screaming and cultivating

in an ancient Calvary


On the verge of charging forth


Running from the depths of such

Cynical undertakings


Bound up and mesmerized by

Sullen emancipating

Stiff leather Straps

That Fly Free

Anticipate for a but a moment

and the restraints tighten down once more


All hope crushed down into the ground


No shame in harsh words

whispered out right inbetween plain blind sight


No victory in control

No glory


Absolutely no words to advance the plain

description of a heavy

laden heart

Ripping flesh and

Last dying thoughts from within

The vast spirit of one’s mind


Wretched spiders lost

in a tangled maze of super silk and

Dried up rubber cement


Forming the dazed agony

around sealed lips and thick

Swelled tongue


Dropped down quite squarely

Across the ochre painted sky


Encasing the putrid

Love spell


Encircling waves

of gray


Wounded trust and pride


A righteous proclamation of

Self annihilation


A small group effort


A last ditch chance to

try and overcome


To believe in all that

is possible in this world…

Kissed Eternally


A pyre of lifeless bodies

A sea of limp decay

Fighting of this evil

In a wisp of disarray


Seething anger lingers

Sorting out the past

Raging demons finger

Beckon for the last


Wretched mirrors hanging

I see my dying day

An arc-angel sits there laughing

Like a killer mocks his prey

Remorseful vultures screaming

Ripping through the trees

Intense and deadly singing

Of the released ones and the free


You send me out upon my way

Loathing animosity boils inside

I have been stripped of all my skin

Been left with nothing to hide


Revengeful bastards

You have done enough

End it, let it be…


Will you touch my soul

After I have gone?

Will I be kissed eternally?

The enchanting disciple

The enchanting disciple
Raced against time
Seeing no motive
no suspect no sign
Is it all for purpose,
this murder this rage?
Does he feel he is in actor,
set upon an immortal stage
The fear just keeps on growing
Is everything in place?
And would life be truly worth living
if it slapped him in the face
Drowning all the sinners
that rip the tides clean and bare
Does life truly have a purpose? Does fate master his solemn stare?
Enticing fresh young victims in the hallowed dead of night
Replacing destructive demons is his godforbidden plight
Kill the sinner with his own sin
is the only way to redeem
The tainted souls shall reveal
their confessions will set them free
So meticulous in the planning
so instinctive in the mind
So livid are the reactions
so inferior to the crime
Terror floods in by nature
invades his senses like the smell of death
In a release of orgasmic pleasure
He will take your last dying breath

Our Own Miracle

Mildewed flowers and burnt dirt floors

Where they cast out festering lepers

and cancerous tendencies

Every dream of purity and

selfishness disappear

and are replaced by desperate words

of animosity and hopeless despair


Hoping to succumb

to retrievable optimism

and wayward grace

Bound up in silver sheets

and the velvet lining

of the soft pits of hell

Where demons rage

and jump across bare backs

leaving their punctured claw marks

Languidly sitting and pondering

a different destination

Is there a clear path to be followed

an alternate road that cuts across the distance

Is there a way to cut out the darkness

to fill up my soul and raw aching flesh


All that remains is imagination

Where nothing will ever stop

or cease to be

It is then that our creative freedom

will allow us to be at peace in our hearts

Be our own miracle




Those Who Dare


Good and evil

endlessly waging over time-

Smell of rotting flesh

rising in the murky sublime-

The tear and crackle of sinew and bone

healing the reign of hurt-

Reaching up through shallow graves

disturbing hallowed dirt-

Taste of powerless possession

Riling up through the air-

At the sight of a mortal’s confession

Is the Devil seeking out those who dare.