#Challenge Friday – Caged


Beat down and trained

You no longer had to force me
into your unforgiving cage

You trapped me intellectually
and fed my hungry trusting heart

I let you peek inside of my soul
you merged with my mind, then tore it apart

I wasn’t everything you needed

and so the starving began

As I was slowly backed up into a corner

not allowed to acknowledge or take a stand

You let your ravenous pet draw blood
and tear my loyal skin to shreds

Never defending or protecting

Only writing me off

as if I were dead



You find a human femur in your garden…

#Challenge Friday – Unearthed


I knew the very second I grabbed hold of the jagged femur, unearthed and splintered by mud-caked tines on my tiller, I had disturbed an ancient Indian burial ground.

A tyrant rogue wind swirled around like a razored bullwhip, knocking the breath right out of my lungs.

Ungodly cries of a thousand wrathful warriors seeking retribution rose up, as did their seemingly resurrected bodies in the nearby fields.

As the raging natives surrounded me, I became petrified as if I were absolutely frozen in some primordial tribal dimension.

Then the sea of onyx hair and painted faces parted, and made a way for the majestic chief who now stood before me, alongside a regal white buffalo.

Tears flowed down my cheeks as the old one reached out with his brown leathered bony fingers and then curiously examined the salty drops that fell from my frightened innocent eyes.

He nodded his head in understanding, and as eyes full of pain, grace, and wisdom stared into my soul, he took the yellowed ivory bone from my grasp.

I fell to my knees on the hard sod, and as I watched the mighty spirits dissipate, I heard a chorus of harmonious voices chanting beneath the wind.