Horror Free Write

A friend of mine posted on fbook:
“What is it about the woods that screams Horror at night?”
Here is the little free write I did…

Is it the fear of the murky unknown,
as you gaze into the pitch black abyss?

Not knowing what looks back at you,
or could be surrounding you in the mist.

Listen to the blood-curdling silence,
every snap of a branch,
becomes a new battle of sheer will…

The primal instinct of fight or flight,
is now just your body and time,
frozen perfectly still.

We love the dark night game of terror.
The “what if’s” of our imagination and
a sudden rush of adrenaline we can feel…

I think the unique scenarios we play out
from the deepest recesses of our mind….
Is what ends up giving us the biggest thrill!

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