Too Far Gone

I witnessed my own magenta metamorphosis

Conscious of the stabbing fast-forwarding change

Never deviating from my own natural instinct

As I spiraled down, lost and deranged


I held on to splintered crutches, for band-aids

Continued bad habits, dragging cut-throat suicide

Still I felt worthy in all honor and glory

As I tightened the tourniquets that twisted my mind


I numbed down all forms of expression

Let my anger build and shame take it’s toll

Setting myself up for temptation, deconstruction

As I settled, digging deeper down in a razor filled hole


I wallowed screaming into the unknown darkness

Crimson bubbles arose in my throat

Cutting off shrill screams in succession

As I swallowed fresh blood and I choked


I drowned in unrealistic fantasy and sickening obsession

Let the devil crawl up and slip into broken, split-open skin

He ripped out my backbone, then tore my heart out

As I punished and whipped the bleeding soul held within


I listened to the lies he did whisper

Counting my blessings no longer, especially in vain

Giving up hope and all freedoms

As I suffered my sins and took all the blame


I survived the worst kind of horrors imaginable

Then realized that forgiveness, love and beauty remained

Learning how to deflect the charming, incarnate evil residing

Demons fled as I cleansed my spirit…and flew away from the light I sustained















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