The Destroyer

My perfect heart-shaped lips are cracked and caked with dried blood. I try to moisten them with a dry snagging tongue. All I taste is a metallic, ancient iron-ore, copper and dirt. I try to swallow, but my throat is parched. I can’t hardly breathe. There is a steady, grading ringing in my ears. My stomach rolls. I smell death. I am awake on a desolate barren plain. I rise up to0 fast, and see a patchwork of bright white stars in my mind’s eye. Blurry eyes start to focus on the hazy distant landscape ahead. Dark and brooding purple mountains rise up like primordial skyscrapers, looming and beckoning. As the ringing starts to subside in my head, I can hear humming, like a wild hive of mad bees. I feel a steady tremble growing, coming up from the ground. It comes from deep within the earth, far below my crumpled body. It must be an earthquake, for the tremors are coming faster and harder, crescendoing through my brain! But then I also hear howling and screaming, like soul-less demons shrieking in an eternal fiery hell! This terrible screeching and humming swirled all around me in the blustering hot wind. The presence of evil surrounded me. I get up and instinctively start running towards the mountain range. I need shelter, no matter how primitive. I need a place to hide. I have no weapons, no protection. Here, out in the open, there was no escape from what was coming. As I start to run in slow motion, I become aware of hundreds upon hundreds of bloody limp bodies. They were strewn across the plain in all directions, for miles and endless miles. Torn limbs had been ripped from the mightiest warrior’s sockets like torn paper dolls. My fear is racing faster than I can possibly ever run. My nose and eyes are burning so badly, overcome with the putrid stench of countless brutal deaths. Each corpse seems to be in different stages of decomposition. I can feel there have been many ruthless, gory battles in this place. It reeks of untimely eternal death and spiritual unrest.The rusty narrow path I sprint is littered with bones and weapons left behind. The closer I get to the towering rocky range, the more I must jump and hurdle over the ghastly cadavers.  I hear wings swishing up above me, and dozens of ungodly strident cries pierce into my eardrums. I look up to see a flock of terrifying eyeless creatures blacking out the sky. Their worn leather skin stretches over strange connective cartilage. I realize then, that I am in another dimension. This is not home. I run faster and faster, trying to catch my breath in the toxicity seeping into my lungs. I hear a deafening roar coming from far behind. A shockwave rumbles through the earth towards me. I can feel it gaining on my own lagging footfall, but I dare not look back. I hear the solid rhythm of metal on metal, as it grinds and clangs together. My gaze pulls to the left, and there is an army of giants racing straight for me! They are coming from around the mountainous bend. Some run on foot, some ride upon horse-like mammals, with enormous heavy hooves. These spawns of hell carry a magnitude of ancient dull blunt weaponry. There are spiked maces and iron clad sword blades swinging to and fro. Battle axes are raised up high above their heads and ten foot tall muscular frames. My sight veers to the right and I see another tribe of nephalem coming full force into my vicinity. They are a loud, stout and solid sort, swinging chains and cracking whips as they venture to the brutal attack. I am caught in the middle of some horrid primal feud, and this is the battle ground of climactic death and destruction. What force could possibly be charging forth from behind me to meet up with these epic creatures? I have less than a minute to save myself before being trampled. I see a discarded forged shield laying across an enormous slimy rotting rib-cage. I roll across the ground and wedge myself underneath the five foot piece of protective metal. I lay in a disgusting vile pool of liquefied fetid tissue, a sharp pelvis cutting into the tender flesh of my hip, ripping my clothes. I am terrified of being a fatality in this grand stampede, but I open my eyes to watch the powerful display unfold before me. I can see the tribes coming down the valley in a V formation; then melding into one, as they continue to progress from the mountains. Do my eyes deceive me? I now recognize their opponent, what they have obviously come for. A solitary man. He runs past me, to meet the mayhem head on. I close my eyes. I cannot watch his annihilation. One man, racing to go up against hundreds of drooling, seething behemoths! His sheer bravery made my chest pound, but the fear of his death made my heart shudder. I heard the first clashing instances of the cruel engagement and knew that it must surely be over in seconds. But the fray continued and I felt warm drops of blood splash across my face. I cracked my eye lids open to take a peek, and the vision I beheld was confounding. This man was no man. He was the ultimate destroyer. He swam through a gory crimson slaughtered sea and butchered every opposition! The destroyer was decapitating and blocking all of the giant’s blows and attempts to end his bountiful harvest. He was an unstoppable force. This ultimate executioner could not be reckoned with. He held a saber; but the true power came from within, able to bash skulls together and crush bones with one easy swipe of his sinewy arms. The deadly destroyer slammed and threw the enormous giants across the plain, as if they were weightless. His kicks dislocated joints, his hands pulled off limb after bloody limb. This warrior was enchanted and walked forward slowly, causing the thick building blood shed. He let bits of bone and flesh fly through the air and corpses were falling fast in brutal defeat. My skin glistened from the fine mist of blood, as it rained down all around me. I was in shock and lay motionless, watching the carnage and flesh being torn apart. Heads were split wide open. Skin was peeled back like a paper machete massacre. He easily carved muscle from thick porcelain bone. One after another the giants swarmed the destroyer, but he was ten times faster, a thousand times stronger. He ducked, twisted, turned and took down two dozen more, before they had a chance to even touch him. He walked slowly onward, brutalizing with finesse and ease. Finally, the one-sided duel was quieted and the destroyer stood with his back to me. His head was bowed and he was completely still. I did not move from my hiding spot, but I looked over the mass of freshly disemboweled death and sighed. His head snapped up into attention. Had he heard me? I had to be 300 yards away! I was the only thing left alive, but I knew now that it may not be for long. He turns and runs to where I am hiding effortlessly. He stands in front of me barefooted and lifts the 200 pound shield with one toe. It flies off into the distance. I cover my face with my delicate human hands and cry. “A reward for Inarius? Flesh and blood? Human. Female. Mine.” He says and lets a low growl trail off in his throat. In an instant I am on my feet, as his hands clasped around my arms. I shiver and shake under his scrutinizing eyes. He sniffs at me, inhaling deeply. Then a long sigh escapes his own lips. I open my eyes, just as he looks at me with a feigned interest. He cocks his head as his eyes glow deep green and an amber light penetrates my tender face. His gaze holds me with the primal passion of a horde of frenzied lusting souls. “My Lithith has come back. Now so fragile and weak. You must be filled!” The destroyer says before I can protest, and he roughly violates my mouth.This mammoth man is crushing my delicate lips. Who is Lilith? I feel him start to inhale and he sucks out all of the stale air trapped in my chest. Then I feel his burning breath, as he breathes immortal venom into my collapsed lungs. He pulls my hair, whipping my head back. My lips are parted in a screaming but deafening silent moan. He exposes my neck as he sniffs at my sweet flesh. I know he will not hesitate to rip out my throat…. I awake and find myself in a steel cage. I grab onto the bars and pull myself up. It is freezing cold here. I am perched way up high in the snow-capped mountains of that desolate plain, and I am not alone….

Too Far Gone

I witnessed my own magenta metamorphosis

Conscious of the stabbing fast-forwarding change

Never deviating from my own natural instinct

As I spiraled down, lost and deranged


I held on to splintered crutches, for band-aids

Continued bad habits, dragging cut-throat suicide

Still I felt worthy in all honor and glory

As I tightened the tourniquets that twisted my mind


I numbed down all forms of expression

Let my anger build and shame take it’s toll

Setting myself up for temptation, deconstruction

As I settled, digging deeper down in a razor filled hole


I wallowed screaming into the unknown darkness

Crimson bubbles arose in my throat

Cutting off shrill screams in succession

As I swallowed fresh blood and I choked


I drowned in unrealistic fantasy and sickening obsession

Let the devil crawl up and slip into broken, split-open skin

He ripped out my backbone, then tore my heart out

As I punished and whipped the bleeding soul held within


I listened to the lies he did whisper

Counting my blessings no longer, especially in vain

Giving up hope and all freedoms

As I suffered my sins and took all the blame


I survived the worst kind of horrors imaginable

Then realized that forgiveness, love and beauty remained

Learning how to deflect the charming, incarnate evil residing

Demons fled as I cleansed my spirit…and flew away from the light I sustained















The Chase

Perhaps it is the crimson lust

or adrenaline of the foot chase

It does not matter who you are

In death, I break your faith


Pounding head fills with the shrillest scream

brain refuses to see your desperate face

You beg and plead for mercy

and all I fancy, is just a taste


Run my baby, yes run, run away

run into these woods but you can’t hide

I have the drawn endurance of

a hundred Kings, a lion’s ravenous pride


I let your path weave into trees

I never seem to pick up my pace

Not long now, until you are mine

and will vanish without a trace


You see my cabin in the mist

the chimney smoke, it beckons and waves

Hope emerges and whips the fear

thinking you will somehow be saved


Check the doors, and windows barred

run to the back, just go check and see

there is no way in, the trap has been sprung

I’ve caught up to your silent melee


Back up from the blade

the fear festers my brain

you fall quickly

I spring the demise…

don’t make it so easy

as I go in for the kill

disappointed to end the surprise


It glistens, it gleams

melting up through torn flesh

It is the gore, not the instrument

bringing fascination and rest


Skin spits wide open

separates soft tissue from bone

as your life spreads out

warm scarlet across white snow…


bluing lips freezing, it’s timeless

with no echo

no struggle

no scream


just locked in a soft fading moan