The Baritone Lull

Staggering above

aquamarine seas

of pale sublime and

True Blue Love

Suffering the pure

essence of being

whole and supple

While defeating the

wide Incantations and

seen prophetic dreams

that swirl around

in the mix…

glinting in the sun like a

rain bowed serpent’s scale

Seething within the

freedom to jump out

open-armed and minded

Embracing knowledge

as it once was…

before it was taken away

Confidence and strength

manically destroyed

like the splitting of

an angel’s stray hair

Trying to block out everything traumatic

that was never revealed

to the public eye for scrutiny

The shock–

stuffed back by fear

Blame, humiliation and shame

helped to mechanically form survival skills

until my voice resurfaced

Opaque tarps full of

brown water and writhing worms

Slide away…

down the sewer sludge drain

while adulthood hovered

above timid growth and change

Resurfacing in

A revolution

Of tight knots

and tangled fear

That is no longer repulsed

by the baritone lull

that cradled all

Inferior tears…


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