Measures of Life


The piercing silence

echoes above

like a rushing freight train


Pondering free will—

the unknown

unconscious future


So much dirt been done

trying to go up

on the downstairs

trying to just keep a head up

above the water



give me voice

give me light

give me space

give me flight

give me confidence

give me growth

give me the strength

to do everything that is right


Allowed to be

strong and courageous

spontaneous and outrageous

conservative and sensitive

bound up by ambitions

and contain the determination to carry on


Allow me to find a legacy

moral standards high and unbent

able to feast in creative colors

and bonds of the heat and soul

to find a niche in this sped-up

food chain of carnivorous perspectives



mind and soul..


My body standing









and sane…

Between all the measures of life



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