Go tell it to the mountain

then shove it down

and out of the way


I feel a 1000 needles

stabbing into my brain


An immobilizing


short circuiting my veins


pumping in the serpent’s

venom that will surely

rot out my heart


I am digging deep

into my flesh

I am tearing myself



In my soul

Just as dim hope faded

and mankind lost it’s splendor

I met a kindred spirit

who reminded me

of who I am

without having a clue

as to who I was

or where I have been

His beauty radiates

from within

and shines platinum

like the brightest

brilliant star

He makes my heart stop

and brings me back to life

he induces real smiles and laughter

and puts that sparkle back into

my opaque eyes

he takes my hand

I give him my heart

no ulterior motives

to come in between

true love

and the reality of fate

of creation or creativity

he is beauty incarnate

and divine inspiration

he honors my name

by calling me friend


The creamy vanilla sun

melts burnt orange

down into a pale lavender field

sinking fast

while your mind sways

to and fro

like a rope swing

at the end of summer

weighing the options

taking inventory

of choices

that have been made

or even turned away

left defeated


there is a grey murky

creek-like water

that crosses

in and out of it’s banks

never black

never crystal clear

but continually



if something isn’t working out

it will likely stay the same

until you take action

to do something different

to bring about change

so you step away

for just a moment

to clear your head

to breathe without

gasping for breath

bring in a ripe cherry perspective

an outlook

fresh and unbiased


then the sun rises

brushing peaches and

blushed apples

one crisp fall morning

as the leaves

spin and let go of their

sullen trees

on angels wings

they float

to the ground

the wind caresses

the lifelessness

but all of the time

swirling the gold, red, and brown

into a marmalade pile

of memories

that cannot be

forgotten or replaced

so you give it another try

knowing that a friendship

is better preserved

than thrown away


There is a burning within

your spirit as you try to

separate the bitterness

from a pomegranate’s flesh

the cruel winter rolls in

frigid redundantness

starts to spread deadly

blue frostbite

across your heart

like a trapped animal you snarl

but stand silent

knowing your options

are slim to none

it is now only

escape or death

under the silver waning moon

using every ounce

of preserved

starved strength

banging your head

again and again

against the steel mesh

until ultimately

the latch is sprung

and freedom is obtained

before all hope can be deferred…


Words are never wasted

only sometimes held back

or too easily discarded

even forgotten

still awaiting



like a child

within a maze

worn and faded

puzzle pieces

lost or left behind

laying dormant

fresh yet immobile

buried like petrified wood

new ideas

abound and flourish




blossoming like wild roses

from the sound core of my heart

instinct takes over

allowing them to become

unbridled and uncensored

like the thick underbrush of

wilderness untamed

its like waking

from sound hibernation

retreating from a cold

deep dark damp cave of

catatonic sleep

crawling through the earth

until ability improves

and agility returns

alert and moving forward

not frozen in fear

or running in circles

but cutting and paving

a brand new golden path

never again daring

to go back down

any familiar dead-end

dirt roads

with different people

endless spiraling staircases

elevators with frayed cables

I have made a noose

at the end of my rope

to play cowgirl

and lasso some hope



No Boundaries


A single beam

cuts through the clouds

and accents two braids

of copper thread

brushing smooth skin

thighs brown in the sun

sweetest nectar, pouting lips

a glossed honey bed

eyes shine sharp

with centers of thick

mesquite amber

that are wise

beyond her years

Honesty knows

no boundaries

and is greatly appreciated

in a good man

and in a true friend

In Tune

Exquisite beauty that shines wild

on the borderline of tranquility


takes my breath away


like the first ancient knots

of a kiss


like the ache

of an old soul that stirs


cracking a hardened heart

wide open


allowing it to flow

in tune…


with absolute timeless love.




     It was happening again. Every single year since I was 12 years old, the same haunting dream flowed into my subconscious….like a morphine drip.

     I ran through the darkness, but was moving in slow motion. Every single step I took was sheer agony, as my legs strained against some unknown force. 

     I feel like I am starting to gain a second of momentum, but then slip down hard on the rock surface. Right away I start to skid across something dead. Something slippery, slimy and vile.

      Vomit backs up in my throat, as this rancid flesh stains my pale skin and sticks to my hair. I scramble to get up, as the putrid stench invades my nostrils and fills my rasping lungs. The nausea overwhelms and leaves me spinning in the pitch black. I was stuck in the carrion, like some rotten carcass-eating maggot. 

     I knew what came next. I had to get up. I had to run. There wasn’t much time left before IT came to me….

     “Ebony Dawn Cain….come here to me innocent child.” The angelic voice chimed in my head.

     I tried with all my might to get up, but the more I struggled, the less I could move my limbs. It was like being caught in rat-trap glue.

     “I will wash you clean…RISE!!!!” A sickly sweet male voice said, as it turned into the deepest, devouring evil roar.

     I felt my body rise up out of the filth. My head was thrown back and my arms floated straight out to my sides. I felt crucified.


     I shut my eyes tight against a blinding light. Strobe-like shadows played out in my mind’s eye. I saw splattered blood flash across my closed lids. Then I felt the razor-sharp claws of a monster…closing fingers tight around my slender arms, crushing them completely.

     That is how the dream had always ended for the past 6 years, but not today. Today, the day of my 18th birthday, the dream continued into something far more sinister. It was like I was having a dream within a dream….


      I awoke to the shrill sound of a banshee’s scream. I lay in a bed covered in animal hide. I was clothed in thin white linen. The smell of death was replaced by freshly cured leather, spice and exotic oils.

      I could not move a muscle, only my eyes. I was in an underground cavern, as far as I could tell. It was lit with ancient looking tallow candles, set in tarnished candelabras. Oh dear God. No, they were set upon human bones.  I felt darkness all around me. Evil incarnate and my debilitating fear surrounded me.

      I heard a whoosh and saw a shadow moving across the wall. Colossal wings. I felt the damp air swirl around my loose hair and chaos seemed to swarm all around me. Then everything suddenly stopped in a slow motion madness. I could hear jagged methodical breathing. After a moment; heavy foot steps ensued, coming towards me. Was that echoing sound…hooves? An animal…

     This was all new. This was not ever a part of the dream. I didn’t understand what was happening. I was conscious, fully aware but felt limited in movement. I had to devise a plan of escape! I must wake myself up from this nightmare. I did not want to find out what was in store for me in this new hell. Wake up Ebony. Wake up!!

     All the times before the dream sequence had ended with my arms being crushed and the voice saying, “I will wait patiently for you my lover, child of darkness, descendant of Cain. Soon you will rise to be my immortal bride. When you are of age, I will take what is rightful mine…and for eternity we will reign.”

      This dream was nothing like that. Everything here, felt very different. This was much too real. I saw the wax drip from the candles. I smelled the incense and musk of something wild. I felt my heart pumping fast, threatening to burst at any second. Maybe this was it, the demon would take me as his bride. Perhaps there had never been any way to stop it.

     I had to snap out of it. “Come on girl, wake up your ass up! Please God wake me up before something happens. I beg of you, help me out of this night terror.” I thought despairingly.

      My forehead broke out in a cold sweat as the heavy clomping came to a halt, just Inches away from the bed. I saw something looming towards me. Was this the end? Would it disfigure and crush me into nothing? Why couldn’t I look at what I knew was staring straight through me? I felt as if a devil sat on my chest…

     My eye lids fluttered and closed. I felt the presence of someone or something all around me as I lay paralyzed. An uncomfortable pressure moved from my chest, spreading across my body. My skin was being engulfed in a blazing wild-fire. I wanted to yell, to cry out…but I had no use of my voice. It was frozen in time. I was suspended in some other place, another dimension. Soon everything would be revealed to me.

     “Look at me child.” A deeply disturbing voice growled.

I was so afraid to try andf turn my head, scared I would now be able move and ultimately have to face my captor.

     “LOOK AT ME!!!” It screamed at me, piercing my ear drums like a sharpened arrow.

     I was forced to turn my head and slowly open my violet eyes.

     What I saw, I still cannot fathom. A behemoth of a man with perfectly smooth skin, muscles rippling. I felt knots in the pit of my stomach. It could not be an angel; it had to be a demon, a beautiful demon. It kneeled before me, head bowed. It’s wings were spun in silver and gold. It looked up at me and my fear turned to shock. I was awestruck. He rose, standing at least 7 feet tall. He was unclothed and had eyes as black as night…and the horns of a ram.

‘”Do not be frightened. I am not what I seem to be.” It spoke to me in a soft deep whisper, as I rose up uncontrollably from the bed.

     I floated towards him, my see-through gown bellowing around me. I imagined myself as an angel. I was a holy angel, under the protection of an almighty God. Nothing would harm me, it would not be allowed.

     The rugged demon towered above me, making me feel inferior and weak. But I no longer knew fear. The uneasy dread I felt was gone and all I felt was pity…and a dark lust I had never known. I yearned for the sexy beast. I was somehow was drawn to him. Needed him and desired to be taken into his eternal embrace.

     He circled me, and then gently wrapped his arms around my waist from behind. I heard his enormous wings rustle, just as I felt his breath on my neck. His manhood pressed into my ample backside, making me quiver. I came alive in this moment. My body fully aware of a masculine presence, a dominating force cradling my flesh for the first time. A distant thought of my long-time boyfriend….John, no Jay…or was it Jack? Fuck! I couldn’t concentrate, but I did know that he had never, ever held me like this…

     I tried to summon my intense fear. I knew that it still brewed somewhere, deep down inside of my gut. I had the feeling that somehow this wasn’t right, but my heart was pounding…and my untouched loins were aching. I leaned back into him, as his crushing velvet lips brushed roughly across my bare shoulder.

     “I have always loved you. We are meant to be.” The demon said as his hand slid up the curve of my waist and drifted over my rib cage. My body shuddered when he cupped my round breast. I moaned as he rolled my nipple between his fingers and thumb. I was speechless as he touched my stomach, then delicately glided down to my throbbing unsullied womanhood. I was pure. Uncorrupt. Virginal, and he could smell it.

     He turned me around to face him and I was spellbound, as his wings spread out before me. His eyes were not black, they were the darkest of blue… and I was lost in that ocean. He had a masculine square jaw and powerful high cheek bones. His lips pulled back , as he smiled a deadly gorgeous grin, showing his perfect teeth and pointed incisors.

     “Do you deny your desire to kiss me?” The spell was broken for a moment, and I looked down quickly…shaking my head.

     No, I would not deny the ache.

     He lifted my chin, pressed his lips upon mine, and took the first kiss. It was not sweet, but caustic and cold. Still, a burning fire swept over me as his tongue flickered around my own. He buried his hands in my hair and cradled my neck, as he punished my wanton mouth severely.

     He ran his hands back down my body. I shivered with delight. He grabbed at my hips and plump round ass cheeks…gripping, clutching, and spreading them apart. Then huge hands were on the back of my thighs and I was being lifted like a feather, right off the ground.

     He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his built torso. I felt his huge erection sliding back and forth across my drenched labia, gliding and smoothing over my lips as he walked us back to the bed. My mind screamed “NO!” but my entire body was screaming, “YES! Oh fuck yes…finally”

     He put me down and pulled once at the paltry straps of material, tied around my neck. My sheer gown fell to my feet all at once, and I stood exposed before him. A sneer curled up on his lips, as he laid me out on the down filled bed. His heavy body was on top of me, overpowering me in an instant. The beast’s mammoth cock slid slowly in between my thighs; nudging my pulsing clit. He pushed my legs open and as far back as they would go. His hands held on to my thighs, as his mouth abused my heaving breasts.

     I was on the verge of madness when he said, “Will you accept me as your lover?”

     I could not answer, for his mouth was hungry. Ravenous lips were back over mine, cutting my off my speech.

     Then he was standing, leaving me in the throes of passion. I was squirming and electric heat moved through me like lightning.

     “No!” I shriek, as he turns away from me. “Don’t go, please come back to me.” I whisper, looking up with wide, innocent eyes.

     He pauses and then turns his head to look at me, his eyes shine like copper pennies in the dim candle light.

     “Please. Yes. Yes, I accept you as my lover.” As soon as the words formed on my rose bud lips; I could not believe that it was I, who had said them out loud.

     Then he was all over me, kissing my mouth hard and passionately. He did not neglect my chest, my stomach, my inner thighs. His hands explored my entire body fully. He became rough and relentlessly started to grab me harder. It was then that I realized what he meant to do. The one thing I had been saving until marriage. He meant to take my unblemished virtue. I had been chaste and remained pure for all of these years. Now it was not a man who threatened to take me in his bed, but a powerful demonic force!

     What the fuck was going on? I snapped out of the spell right away, but it was too late. I felt his thickness, as it rocked over my genitalia. The gigantic tip of his over 12-inches, was trying to push it’s way into my closed maiden head!

     “Oh no! No, it is too soon. I am not built for something so large.” I thought and knew that this was not what I wanted.  It was his  sexual witchery that had gotten me to this point. His head was bigger than a large apple. I could not possibly take it….and live.

     “Oh my god he will rip me apart…” I thought, as he start to thrust his hips into me, aiming his battering ram at my tight little snatch! He was grunting and greedily licking at my huge nipples with his snake-like tongue. It grazed over my swollen peaks, then his teeth gnashed and bit them painfully. It was agonizing pleasure and I could not break free.

     I tried to get away. I started to squirm underneath him, but my legs were pinned back, with his knees locked in place. His hands firmly pressed my shoulder down into the bed. No, I was not going anywhere.

      I tried to scream, but he was steadily raping my mouth. I could not breathe as his tongue swirled around mine convulsively. It travelled into the back of my throat, going deeper, opening it up.

     Then the pressure I felt between my legs was excruciating; as the tip of his engorged member started to penetrate and push it’s way into my unopened slit. I felt my delicate skin tearing and the blood started pouring out of me. I was changed forever. He must have felt that too. I would receive no mercy.

     All at once he growled and thrust up into me again.  I thought I was being impaled upon a metal spear. I screamed, as he finally left my mouth to look me in the eye. I felt his huge bulge pushing and burning inside of me…only 2 inches in. He reared back and slammed into my tight bloody tunnel again.  I heard the ripping of my flesh as he moved inside of me another inch. He was unstoppable. My tense muscles twitched and protested, as he stretched into me. Tears flowed from the corners of my eyes as he pressed in further. Deeper.

     His arms curled around my sides and he grabbed my shoulders. With one hard, thrusting spasm, to my horror, I felt his muscle bury itself to the hilt. I looked down in horror and saw all 12-inches had disappeared. He was all the way in, filling me up completely. He stayed locked down on me, rocking and pushing…pulsating deep inside of me. Holding me in place. Molding me to his thick organ.

     The demon grunted and started to pump it’s hips. I bent my head forward and could see thick, bright streams of my blood on the monster’s giant cock. It thrusted in and out of me, shattering my innocence. Thicker than a baseball bat, and just as hard….it would kill me. Surely, I would die from internal injury. My blood gushed and I could feel it pooling around under me on the bed. He showed no mercy. No grace. No apology. No remorse. No love. He simply fucked me…and I was ruined. 


He bit down on my breasts, now leaving deep puncture wounds and fucked me faster. The fiend’s shaft was spitting me wide open. I could no longer hear my screams. I was in another place, a safe place in my mind as he seeped into me, again and again. Then he slowed and I knew it would be over soon. I felt him swelling, bigger and bigger as he stretched my torn inner flesh.

     For a moment I felt a distant pleasure, as the demon started to take long driving strokes into me. But it just started fucking me harder; with an animalistic abandon, each stroke jolting me, making me automatically cry out…

     The penetration was fast and deep and stronger than it had been before. I heard the demon’s throaty groan; as he reached his peak and started to climax. Suddenly, hot molten lava began shooting out…there was a volcano erupting way up inside of me. He released his seed, locked into the suction of my puckered cervix. I felt the burning hot spurting come blasting inside of me, as my whole body moved with him and shuddered violently. Oh fuck…

     And then I woke in my own bed. I awoke from dreaming and still felt him sliding inside of me, breaking me apart. I gasped for breath as my heart slammed in my chest. Nightmare. It was only a nightmare…

      I threw back the blanket and felt for my throbbing mound. It was covered in blood and I had stained the sheets. But I was still intact. There was no excruciating pain, only the remnants of my forced orgasm from the horrid dream. In reality I was still completely untouched. I had started my period; just as I had every year for seven years, after waking from the clutches of the demon….

To be continued….